Easy peezy.

You know what makes life easier?  A good recipe.  With a good recipe, the rhythm of a kitchen can happily hum.

I’ve never really had a recipe for lemonade.  Seemed too easy to warrant all that effort.  A bit of sweetener, bit of lemon, water and taste until it works.  But having moved onto a lemon & avocado farm, I’ve been making a whole lot of lemonade.  And winging it, though an important part of the creative process, eventually needed to end. It’s a bit messy.

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A warm hug of a scent.

Last year about this time, I posted a blog mentioning Mulled Cider, but I didn’t share the recipe. Cruel. At the time, the cider was headed for our cookbook; therefore, I couldn’t share just yet. Good news for Organic Spark is, it got cut! Better news is, it’s a really delicious recipe! If yummy recipes are getting cut from the book, I’m happy.

Alongside caramel apples, this non-alcoholic cider created a nice, low-key Halloween for my family & friends last week. But last year, Halloween fell on a Saturday resulting in a late-night gathering in the courtyard of my complex. This same recipe put on its party shoes by adding a shot of unfiltered sake to the bottom of the glass before the warm crock-pot cider was poured on top. It was a hit!

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I’d die a happy woman.

If this were the only recipe on my blog you ever tried, I’d die a happy woman. I’m putting my reputation on the line for this drink, and you may not even like the way it tastes! You see, I have such confidence in the wonderfully healthy buzz you will receive after forcing down a few ounces; I know if you make it that far, you’ll be back for more. The drink heals, simple as that. One glass in the morning provides the good, stable energy a cup of coffee only wishes he could offer. And, I say this as a lover of the occasional cup of coffee.

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