FERN, The Kitchen Plant

Blog world… meet Fern. Fern the fern lives in my kitchen. We had a rough start, me and Fern. She was a special gift for my 30th Birthday. I instantly loved her soft delicate leaves and wispy ways, but after months of trying every window in the house and every amount of water, Fern was down to a mere fern twig. As a last ditch effort, I asked a mildly friendly plant woman at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market how she handles her ferns. Not using any extra adjectives or emotion, she said rain water, plant food and don’t water the leaves. All I needed. So, I started that regime, and alas, Fern is alive and well. Seriously, she came back immediately and with a vengeance. My reason for sharing is this… if Fern the fern can do a 180 with the right kind of food and water, don’t you think people are the same?

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Detoxing from winter hibernation.

Spring has sprung! Yea! But sometimes with spring, comes a little cold. The body is detoxing from winter hibernation, plus tree and flower pollen are in full force. If you find yourself coming down with something here are a few things to keep in mind…

1. WATER – I am not one of those people who drinks 8 – 8oz glasses of water a day, but when I am coming down with something, I definitely up my water intake. Try 5 or 6 glasses of water a day (not coke. not coffee. not o.j., but water), until you feel better.

2. NO DAIRY – Dairy is mucus producing, and when you are coming down with a cold, more mucus should be the last thing on your mind. Bring it back in when feeling better.

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