Reminiscent of everyone’s childhood.

When I grew up (the processed food loving 80’s), tacos were made from factory-farmed ground beef and an MSG loaded seasoning packet. Re-fried beans directly from a can. Only Hal, the packaging manager at the local food canning plant, knew exactly what oil went into those beans. As a private chef, the ultimate challenge is finding kid-friendly meals that parents crave, too. Those rare meals that feed the whole table are treasures, saved for the time-sensitive evenings when I need to slip out for a movie-date with John.

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The legendary molokai purple sweet potato

John’s film Rock Prophecies just played at the Maui Film Festival. First off, it won another audience award! It won the audience award at Nashville Film Festival, Dallas AFI Festival, and now Maui Film Festival, and it is a very special honor. This type of award is determined by an audience vote at the end of each screening. The highest collective vote wins, which means this film is connecting to people! Nothing more important than that, right? The Maui Festival also held a deeper meaning for Robert Knight, the rock n’ roll photographer who is the subject of the film, because his childhood home was Hawaii.

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Guest Blogger David Schrecengost: "Roasted Corn Medley"

I am very proud to introduce this week’s guest blogger – MY DAD, David Schrecengost…

Roasted Corn Medley Dinner, by David Schrecengost

I’ve often joked about my cooking prowess by saying that my repertoire consists of things that begin with the letter P……..peanut butter, popcorn, potato chips, pancakes, potatoes (baked). But, that’s OK when you live in a house with a wife that is a phenomenal cook and a daughter who has prepared meals for people and been paid to do so. As long as I cut the grass, wash the cars and occasionally make the bed, I go my merry way to work each day and come home to meals to die for.

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