Ahhhhhhh…. Summer vacation.

I’m fully committed to doing NOTHING these bliss-filled 11 whole days, and I’m surprisingly quite adept at it.  I don’t count reading (Bossypants, by Tina Fey), eating too much, goofing off, sleeping excessive amounts or drinking caffeinated tea (to ensure I have plenty of energy for my nothing-doing.)  And, I’ve not once had to reprimand myself for trying to slip in something productive.

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Enter to Win 25 Packets of Seeds from Seeds of Change!

Seeds of Change is giving away 25 packets of organic seeds to one lucky Organic Spark reader! And, here’s how to enter:

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Vacuuming Weeds

Let’s be frank… pretty much everything growing in our garden right now was on a wing and a prayer.  We folded in a bunch of dried out horse manure because we don’t have any compost yet, which we’re hearing is not even the best manure for gardens.  (I’d love to hear your thoughts on horse manure vs. say cow or sheep.)  Planted good seed, watered, weeded and that’s about it.  Plus, we’re growing organically, which according to someone’s theory, should cause more problems, but being a total newbie who’s getting results, I beg to differ.  I’m not saying it won’t be hard to get better and really hard to get great, but if I can do it pretty well, it might not be all that scary in the first place.  I mean, take a look at this chard…

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Easy peezy.

You know what makes life easier?  A good recipe.  With a good recipe, the rhythm of a kitchen can happily hum.

I’ve never really had a recipe for lemonade.  Seemed too easy to warrant all that effort.  A bit of sweetener, bit of lemon, water and taste until it works.  But having moved onto a lemon & avocado farm, I’ve been making a whole lot of lemonade.  And winging it, though an important part of the creative process, eventually needed to end. It’s a bit messy.

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Minus a plume.

The 5 resident chickens never left the coop before we moved in last June.  And having never raised chickens before, the first few weeks of our stay didn’t provide those chickens with anything more.  Each time I walked by, I felt a bit guilty.  I knew I wanted to head in the direction of pasture raised chickens, which means chickens that roam around free eating bugs and worms resulting in healthy deep orange yolks and firm whites, but I just didn’t have a clue how to get there.

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