Peak of summertime.

Above from left –
Flo, from France
Melisa- from Columbia, South America
Garett – Full-time Volunteer Coordinator from Washington State
Chris – Chef Apprentice from Pennsylvania via the Culinary Institute of America

Look at these beautiful people!  One of the first things John put into place when he settled into the farm is our WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program.  We house lovely folks from all over the world who volunteer in exchange for food, shelter and learning about organic farming.  

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Naughty or nice?

One of the most difficult things about our current food-scape is learning how to navigate basic, familiar foods that have somehow become very complicated. Is dairy good or bad? Is meat good or bad? Nobody questions mayonnaise, though. That’s always bad… or is it? People often ask me what they should be eating. Unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer to that question right now. I know that vegans believe that vegetables are the answer, but respectfully, I feel even that gets complicated.

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It’s a plate licker.

Pesto and EGGS?! Let’s discuss… one average California morning, I got the unexpected word that family was in town and stopping by for breakfast! Living a full country away from all family, we don’t get this news regularly. Flinging the fridge open for analysis, the view was stark, and thus results in Scrambled Eggs with Wild Arugula & Pesto. I actually surprised myself. They tout that necessity (or desperation) is the mother of invention. I’d concur, but after a quick google, invention appears to be a bit over-promised in this case. I’m obviously not the first. However, if you (like me) had never added a dab of pesto to freshly scrambled eggs, I encourage you to give this a try. Oh my… it’s a plate licker.

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