The Duck ICU

Two weeks ago, a shipment of 100 teeny tiny baby ducks arrived at the Post Office for Apricot Lane.  Perfect timing in preparation for the on-slot of snails in the spring, these Khaki Campbell ducks will be replacing many hours of labor spent spreading organic snail bait.

And I thought baby chickens were cute…

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Homemade Organic Sweet Feed

Figuring out how to herd sheep into and out of the pastures each day was a bit challenging, until we figured out the magic trio – a red bucket, a bell and a treat called Sweet Feed.  Sweet feed is a grain mixture with a bit of molasses in it, and let me tell you something, sheep go mad for it.  They will follow you to the ends of the earth by the sound of that little bell and the looks of that bright red bucket. 

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Two little lambs…

Minutes before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, John got a call from Sarah that a lamb was birthing.  Out the door without a thought, we all made it in time to realize that we actually didn’t…  The baby was stuck and had died from a complicated birth. The blessing became that our arrival & help resulted in the mother’s life saved.  Around the table, we gave thanks for companionship to ease the void of loss.  The fragility of life surrounds and penetrates when living on a farm.

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