Guest Blogger David Schrecengost: "Roasted Corn Medley"

I am very proud to introduce this week’s guest blogger – MY DAD, David Schrecengost…

Roasted Corn Medley Dinner, by David Schrecengost

I’ve often joked about my cooking prowess by saying that my repertoire consists of things that begin with the letter P……..peanut butter, popcorn, potato chips, pancakes, potatoes (baked). But, that’s OK when you live in a house with a wife that is a phenomenal cook and a daughter who has prepared meals for people and been paid to do so. As long as I cut the grass, wash the cars and occasionally make the bed, I go my merry way to work each day and come home to meals to die for.

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Guest Blogger Kevin Bates: Grandmother’s Toasteroons

My awesome friend & fellow kitchen experimenter, Kevin, sent me an email a few days back explaining some updates he had made to a favorite family recipe of his. I was so excited about what he did that I asked him if he would add a story so that I could post it into a blog. My heart filled up when I read the blog below.

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