Inching towards a dream.

I remember watching the Grammy’s a few years back, when John Mayer won for something that escapes me.  In his speech, he mentioned (to roughly paraphrase) that he’s usually able to observe what is happening to him without getting overly consumed, however the current moment of receiving the Grammy was kicking his arse.  I related this week.

I’ve learned about myself that I am really good at getting big things moving.  I can motivate action towards a common goal, and once everything is moving along, I enjoy switching gears to the day-to-day tasks involved with keeping the gears oiled.  But, there is this moment in between those two places, where I am leaning over the edge of my creation, staring down at the abyss of what’s to come, where I get a little scared.

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Sweet goodness.

Friends, I believe I’ve finally found my private cheffing niche. Took me 3 1/2 years, but by golly, I think I’ve done it. As you all know, I am totally digging the cooking techniques of traditional cultures. It simply makes sense to me. Long ago, cultures didn’t have as many options as we have today. Maybe a village had 15 crops that grew around them, and they had to learn to maximize the nutrition of those precious items in order to preserve the health and basic existence of their tribe. I’m understanding that true & lasting healing is about strong digestion and maximum absorption of the precious vitamins & minerals in the food. Literally, the body builds & rebuilds, as we nourish it well. Our brain maintains its razor’s edge with the proper absorption of amino acids. Our skin stays elastic with digestion of good fats. And, our hair grows thicker with the proper dense vitamins. Love. That.

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Detoxing from winter hibernation.

Spring has sprung! Yea! But sometimes with spring, comes a little cold. The body is detoxing from winter hibernation, plus tree and flower pollen are in full force. If you find yourself coming down with something here are a few things to keep in mind…

1. WATER – I am not one of those people who drinks 8 – 8oz glasses of water a day, but when I am coming down with something, I definitely up my water intake. Try 5 or 6 glasses of water a day (not coke. not coffee. not o.j., but water), until you feel better.

2. NO DAIRY – Dairy is mucus producing, and when you are coming down with a cold, more mucus should be the last thing on your mind. Bring it back in when feeling better.

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