Two Maters

That was the subject line of my husband’s email to me containing the above picture.  That man is too much.  Which… funny enough, was the name of Shu Takikawa‘s cat, rooting in the number of times they said the phrase while chuckling and shaking their baffled heads in the cat’s direction.  Too much could also refer to the number of tomatoes per second that are ripening in our garden.

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A total thief.

One egg short for my Mango Coconut Milk Ice Cream... my feet burn on the hot bricks as I cross the path towards the quiet coop.  Out for the day, their clucking and leaf shuffling sits on the edge of ear-shot, so I slip confidently past the open door.  One nest sits empty, two empty… shoot. Last nest, there she sits, our broody hen.  Not only is she broody, but our roosters are little banyan fellas, which are miniature.  Cute, but they don’t seem to have the logistical height necessary to be effective.  Meaning, a little short for our tall, sexy hens… if you get my drift.  So, she sits all day to no avail.  Poor lady.

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Sparce Abundance

The fridge doesn’t remain stocked nowadays.  The consuming rhythms of the farm leave less time for redundant runs to the grocery store, therefore less impulse buying and less clutter on the refrigerator shelves.  Basically, we’ve been living off of whatever eggs come out of the chicken coop and vegetables come out of the garden, plus frozen meat from the farmer’s market and good fats, like drippings from frozen, pastured bacon and mail-ordered coconut oil.  I make a big soup with homemade chicken stock, and we eat off of it for 2 1/2 days.  I’ve always been one to eat a soup breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I’ve noticed my husband doing this lately, too.  There’s no other option.  A run into town takes 10 solid minutes each way and the pickings there are mostly fast-food nonsense.  A run to Whole Foods hot bar, which used to be our cafeteria on days I wasn’t cooking, takes 20 solid minutes each way, making it an occasional treat.

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Lots and Lots of Beans.

Bag full of goodies

That’s exactly what we came home to after 11 glorious days back east.  Lots and lots and lots of beans.  So many that we actually enlisted help in exchange for a mid-day burger feast.

Our friends Malcolm and Khai helped us out with bean duty. I accidentally gave Malc a busted bag, so I believe this is a freeze-frame of him politely muttering.

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