Only you.

Often my relationships start with a powerful case of infatuation, as was the case with my cast iron skillet.  For months, I fantasized about having one.  Finally, I found and purchased a heavy-bottomed beauty at a second-hand shop.  (To be safe, I’d suggest purchasing a skillet that says “Made in the USA” on the bottom.  There are rumors that skillets made in China have been found to contain toxic metals.)  Problem was, I didn’t one single clue how to use it.

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Like a big ‘old bear hug.

I’d like to share a dish with you…

One of my favorite ways to begin a homemade dinner with friends is to offer up a vibrant dish of super chunky salsa. In the photo above, I am serving a version of this salsa on a large chip that our Apricot Lane Farms landscaper, Fernando, brought back to us from Mexico; however, I typically serve this dish in a pretty bowl with a side of organic blue corn tortillas or homemade seed crackers.  I use the term “salsa” loosely, as this type of dish could technically be considered a side or even a salad. But the vibe is simply too generous and abundant to be buried within a meal, instead serving to welcome friends front-and-center with a laid-back, yet plugged-in gesture – like a big ‘ole bear hug. 

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Project whistle.

For a long bit, whenever I’m determined to learn something new, it feels near impossible, or maybe a little closer than near – like pretty much totally impossible.  Not the often caffeine-induced moment of inspiration, that moment’s totally cool and confident.  It’s the long pause after the initial spike, when I’m typically reaching for chocolate, desperately trying to recreate my initial high. 

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Basket after basket.

And one more basket, after another basket.  Attempting to keep up with a tomato plant’s generosity can back one into a corner, forcing either creativity or wailing sobs.  Thankfully, after one too many batches of tomato puree and while feeling the leaves of my tomato plant tightening around my neck, I recalled a special sun-dried tomato bought from a favorite farmer at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.  Sweet, full-flavored, chewy without being soft or hard, it was the perfect, time-friendly solution.  And lucky for you, I’ve had about 14 baskets of tomatoes on which to practice.  

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I feel somewhat like a pregnant mother of triplets must feel.  Minus the pregnancy… and the food cravings.  Unless you count chocolate?

At an auction in Texas, John purchased 16 more sheep to be delivered in the weeks to come.  Check out some videos of the auction on the Apricot Lane Farms Facebook Page.  Plus, 5 of our current 6 ewes are preggo.  Flavio and I can confirm #5.  George the Ram wasted NO TIME.  So, the gas peddle is firmly inching towards the floor.  And the good new is, this ain’t no shotgun wedding. We’re pleased as punch.

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