Apple picking expectations

Last weekend, my years of apple picking dreams including abundant trees, serene and secluded settings, lush farm land and crisp, sweater bundled weather screeched to a sudden and violent halt. I went apple picking LA style…

Let’s start here… Two hours of 6 lane traffic landed us at the apple farm. As my dear friend Danette, her daughters and I arrived to the farm, we were directed to the amusement park sized parking lot by poorly costumed colonial farm workers. A large billboard listed the show-times for the colonial re-enactments. There is nothing wrong with colonial re-enactments and apparently, lots of people find this enjoyable. I’m simply acknowledging a difference of opinion. Not in the mood for a show, we took off in the flat 90˚ weather dodging the crowds of people towards the barely marked apple orchard. Apparently most people came for the shows, not the actual apple picking.

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