Peak of summertime.

Above from left –
Flo, from France
Melisa- from Columbia, South America
Garett – Full-time Volunteer Coordinator from Washington State
Chris – Chef Apprentice from Pennsylvania via the Culinary Institute of America

Look at these beautiful people!  One of the first things John put into place when he settled into the farm is our WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program.  We house lovely folks from all over the world who volunteer in exchange for food, shelter and learning about organic farming.  

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Push send.

Back when my horrendous chef hat was still crisp white, I certainly wouldn’t have told you that I’d write a cookbook with my mother someday.

But, we just pressed “Send” on our full manuscript.  Praise heaven, earth and the extra brain-space that just freed up.

Now, I’m hardly saying we’re finished.  Mom and I have got many edits in front of us, covers to finalize and more, but it’s all on paper folks.  My brain feels lighter without carrying the weight of all those words.  Curled up next to whatever else is to come, the pages had been rattling, eager to get out and their birth feels like an enormous relief.  I celebrated by attending not one, but two dance classes today – a total luxury and my kind of celebration.

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Set Your DVR – Apricot Lane’s on Oprah!

Hi Friends of Organic Spark & Apricot Lane Farms,

My talented husband, John Chester, created a beautiful short film about Apricot Lane Farms that will air on the Oprah Winfrey Network during her Emmy award winning show ‘Super Soul Sunday‘ this Sunday, March 24th.  It’s filled with all sorts of adorable animals, fresh green grass, happy chickens and more!

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you might like to see the grass-fed farming message reach more folks, too. Therefore, we need your help!  If you feel the urge, please update your Facebook status, tell your friends, set your DVRs, gather your family around the TV and enjoy!

‘Super Soul Sunday’ airs at 11am ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.  However, DirecTV might pick up the East Coast feed and air at 8am on the WEst Coast.  To be sure, you can tell by clicking on the channel finder on (link here: and typing in your provider and zip code.

If you don’t have OWN, no worries… there is also a LIVE simulcast available at

Our short film will follow Oprah’s interview with author, Brene Brown, titled Oprah & Brene Brown: Living With A Whole Heart (pay attention here because 2 interviews with Brene are back-to-back, it’s after the second one). Stay tuned when they wrap the interview, our piece is featured in a segment known as ‘Sacred Spaces’.

And, this piece is only a preview of what’s to come.  John’s signed on to do more short films about various happenings on the farm.  Up next… Little Lamb: Birth to Fresh Green Grass.

Lots of love,


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Another Apricot Lane Farms Story…

Big news friends!

We birthed our first calf.  A little girl named Flora, bright and early on Easter morning.  She’s beautiful.

Absolutely… however, it wasn’t easy.  Flora’s momma is named Firefly, and her temperament is exactly how it appears in the picture below – a bit Firey.

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