I heart.

When the barn is quiet and most are asleep, holding a baby lamb is simply heavenly.

Admittedly, hard to share.  Instead, maybe you’ll enjoy a few other recent favorites:

–  If you haven’t already, I just read and adored Marianne Williamson‘s classic A Return to Love

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The quack shack.

We’ve got a new mobile coop at Apricot Lane.  Introducing… The Quack Shack!  Congratulations Dave Schrecengost (my dad!) for the clever name.  The duck house naming competition was fierce.  The winner beat out, “The Quack Pearl”, “The Jolly Quacker” led by Captain Quack Sparrow (of course), “The Quackmobile”, “Moby Duck” and more. In the photo above, can you see one of the ducks taking in the view?   Quacks me up.

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Sunny days.

We’re on the back side of summer at the farm.  The days are still long, but they are growing shorter with each breathe.  Yesterday, I felt the first tiny glimpse of fall.  I know summer will still be here in all-encompassing stretches, but her underbelly is there, ready to bring us light sweaters and glowing pumpkins.


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