I heart.

When the barn is quiet and most are asleep, holding a baby lamb is simply heavenly.

Admittedly, hard to share.  Instead, maybe you’ll enjoy a few other recent favorites:

–  If you haven’t already, I just read and adored Marianne Williamson‘s classic A Return to Love

–  A friend hooked us up with the Green Room of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, where I learned of Mr. Kimmel’s co-head writer (and wife)’s twitter account.  Molly McNearney – i.e. “About four minutes into any run I decide to work on my personality instead.”  She’s cracked me up a number of times.

–  Have you watched Homeland Season 1?  Not my usual style, but I watched the whole thing in a week!

–  And these Tart Apple Turkey Burgers… enjoy!


Click HERE for the Tart Apple Turkey Burgers recipe…

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  • Dad

    Recently, I’ve been working on my personality a lot more

    August 31, 2013

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