Beginner’s guide to healthy camping.

Eating while back country camping is a food challenge for sure. I like to stay flexible in my eating, not so rigid that I can’t enjoy life. But, even a half day of dehydrated camping meals serve as a reminder of why dehydrated food doesn’t cross over into the mainstream. The amount of salt in one bite of most bagged camping food will exceed your expectations.

I have only really camped twice. The recent trip was Joshua Tree National Park, a beautifully stark desert in Southern California. We drove pretty deep into the park and then hiked in another 2 miles or so, to a majestic rock formation with a flat area that was perfect for pitching a tent. I get excited to camp because freedom is a constant companion. You have what you brought. And you can use what you understand. I suggest a knowledgeable camping partner to start with – I have a good one. And I suggest a 3 day, 2 night trip. Long enough to totally relax, but short enough to make it happily.

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