A single date…

Having a great salad dressing is like having a perfect little black dress.

I remember Jamie Oliver once said children should be taught 10 survival recipes. And when he said this, my neighbor took action with her own two girls. I thought that was cool, and if I have kids one day, I think I will put a homemade salad dressing on that list.

My reason being, I only know one brand of pre-made salad dressing worth our hard earned money, made by a company called Zukay Live Foods. Their dressings are designed to be mixed with oil at home, which allows the cook to control the type of oil used. This company goes so far as to lacto-ferment their dressings, which is fantastic. Lacto-fermenting foods (think Sauerkraut or Yogurt) invites nature’s good bacteria into the food, which can buffer our bodies against colds, improve digestion, naturally extend shelf-life and more. But, the fermentation angle is really just an added bonus. The truth is, Zukay is the only company I know that doesn’t put a whole lot of terrible junk in their dressings. Most jarred dressings are filled with refined oils (often soybean oil, which is highly allergic to my body), sugar and even MSG, an emotionally irritating seasoning that literally makes food addictive. I guess being addicted to salad could be worse, but being slightly picky about my addictions, I’ll pass on the unnecessary MSG.

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A leftover bottle of wine.

Doesn’t everyone already have their own Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe? It’s kinda the American version of India’s curry. Each family’s recipe is just a little different. But just in case, here’s mine.

Funny thing is, I never used to cook with wine, an ingredient in this recipe. But one normal Sunday night, I had decided on Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner. The previous night, we had entertained and a leftover bottle of red sat next to me on the counter. On a whim, I added a bit to deglaze the pan, and like a steam-roller, I understood all the fuss about wine. Holy smokes… cooking with wine is awesome! It totally makes things taste deep and layered, rich and satisfying. That night, John declared it the best Spaghetti & Meatballs ever, so I took the time to write it down in order to share it with you!

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At second glance…

Ocean City, MD, my husband’s hometown and our marriage destination, occasionally gets a bad wrap, and sigh… I get it, but I don’t agree. Like judging Los Angeles for what’s seen on 90210 or a salad for the iceberg disaster served by a middle school lunchroom, there’s party vibe to Ocean City that often acts as the town’s extroverted poster-child. The blocks near the Route 50 Bridge entrance to the island are lined with carnival rides, crude-named restaurants, t-shirt shops and pulsing bars, which not-so-subtly reflect a tone of rampant drunkenness spiked with cotton candy-induced sugar highs. There’s a mindlessness and a bit of complicated swirling energy, more due to recklessness than crime. But layered throughout and standing firm, a quaint beauty refuses to be sipped away.

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I caaaan’t WAIT!

On November 11, 2010, I’ll be boarding an airplane for Philadelphia with a pat-pat for the plane and a prayer for the pilot before jockeying down the narrow aisles and settling in with my sack lunch and abundant food-related reading materials. I’m absolutely certain I’ll be excited, and I’m just as certain that my mom will have a similar routine beginning in Atlanta. Because… Mom and I will be attending to the 2010 Weston A. Price Conference, and you should come, too!!! Imagine three days of non-stop discussion about nutrient-dense foods! Including, tips of how to incorporate these foods into our everyday lives. Discussions lead by top-experts on topics like fertility, cancer and heart disease, all with solutions that make sense and shine a beacon towards joy & authentic prosperity. Rows of vendors offering samples of things like Kombucha, Wild Salmon and Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Maybe you’ll purchase a “Who’s Your Farmer?” t-shirt, while chatting with fellow conference goer who undoubtedly cares about the health of our food chain and our next generation. We went last year for 1 day, and we will be there this year for the whole conference! Yippee!

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