I caaaan’t WAIT!

On November 11, 2010, I’ll be boarding an airplane for Philadelphia with a pat-pat for the plane and a prayer for the pilot before jockeying down the narrow aisles and settling in with my sack lunch and abundant food-related reading materials. I’m absolutely certain I’ll be excited, and I’m just as certain that my mom will have a similar routine beginning in Atlanta. Because… Mom and I will be attending to the 2010 Weston A. Price Conference, and you should come, too!!! Imagine three days of non-stop discussion about nutrient-dense foods! Including, tips of how to incorporate these foods into our everyday lives. Discussions lead by top-experts on topics like fertility, cancer and heart disease, all with solutions that make sense and shine a beacon towards joy & authentic prosperity. Rows of vendors offering samples of things like Kombucha, Wild Salmon and Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Maybe you’ll purchase a “Who’s Your Farmer?” t-shirt, while chatting with fellow conference goer who undoubtedly cares about the health of our food chain and our next generation. We went last year for 1 day, and we will be there this year for the whole conference! Yippee!

And, I mean it. You should come, too! The weekend is really too good to be missed. So, here’s a couple links that should help you make your decision.

– First, because food is, of course, the most important aspect of any decision-making process. Check out the MENU of nutrient-dense foods we will be eating all weekend.

– Then, peek at the list of SPEAKERS and SCHEDULE of lectures. Mom and I will be taking in the lectures on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome, The Politics of Food and Hormones, but I feel certain we will bounce around a bit to catch the individual lectures that catch our eyes.

– And now that you are utterly convinced, schedule your own trip with the LOGISTICS page!

You will be able to find Mom and I in the dining room, making absurd “uuuuummmm” noises during the lunch and dinner hours.

See you there!

xo Organic Spark

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