Just when you’re looking the other way…

I’ve found, over the years, that my path finds me, for the most part.  Though very hard work, sticking your neck out there, trying and occasionally failing are all important processes, they’re mostly just practice to get you ready for the moment when life finds you, which is exactly what happened to The Traditional Foods Cookbook.

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Comings and goings.

A friend of John’s came out to the farm last week.  Steve is a great farm guest.  He settles in, finds his own routine and helps where he can.  I actually think we wore him out a bit this time.  Not so much that he won’t come back, but enough that he’d occasionally say, “I just couldn’t DO this every. single. day.  Like maybe for three or four days, and then, I would just need to SIT DOWN…

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I wub u.

Aren’t dogs the best?  There’s nothing better than that little face.