The Team

Much to my enjoyment, the world of Organic Spark and Traditional Foods has turned into a family affair!¬† This virtual Traditional Foods world would not be possible without the combined efforts of the following people…

Molly Chester (me!)

  • Blog Author
  • Cookbook Co-Author
  • Traditional Foods Chef
  • Daughter & Wife

John Chester

  • Organic Spark & Cookbook Photographer
  • Organic Spark Videographer
  • Accomplished Documentary Filmmaker
  • Husband & Official Taster

Sandy Schrecengost

  • Organic Spark Recipe Development Sous-Chef
  • Cookbook Co-Author
  • Mother & Lifelong Accomplished Cook

And a special THANKS to all of the friends, family members and strangers who have provided welcome feedback over the years after reading  my blogs and testing various recipes.  It takes a village!