On the move…

Since adopting Todd, our movements are very pack-like.  Here we are above, flying to Chicago.  If John goes, we all go.  We like it best that way.

Now, we are tucked into a condo that is literally across the street from my brother (Matt), sister-in-law (Megan) and niece (Sophie’s) house.  Can you believe the good fortune?  Matt & Megan had neighboring friends who needed to sublet at the exact time we were going to be living in Chicago for John’s work.  Thank you unseen weaver of amazing webs.

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It lasted until I was 27.

I am completing a liver cleanse while I write this. I haven’t eaten since 2pm yesterday, and I drank grapefruit juice and olive oil before bed. Why the torture? Because my friends, this crazy liver cleanse produces “results” that would knock your Rudolph socks off. But, you’re gonna have to learn about the “results” first hand. It’s not something that can be discussed in detail, except among fellow liver-cleansers. I’ve tried.

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