Hi pretty girl.

Of all the animals on the farm, whenever asked who’s my favorite, I’ve always answered Guppy the goat.

We lost Gup.  And, it was a sad day at the farm.

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Rolling with the punches.

A few weeks back, a fun event on the farm was scheduled to take place in 72 hours, and the super-cool chef I had lined up was forced to cancel.  Bummer.  Luckily, an equally exciting chef signed-on, who also had to cancel with 48 hours to go.  Sigh…

Then… I saw that lightbulb!

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Different perspectives.

This shot was taken from a helicopter flying over Apricot Lane Farms.  Do you see the psychedelic-looking block towards the bottom of the photo?  That’s what we call Block M, or the “Fruit Basket.”  Seventy-four varieties of fruit call that space home, and the paths that wind throughout it are designed to offer horse drawn carriage-rides through the blooming trees, one day.  I love this photo because it gives me new perspective on this place we call home.

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Weston A. Price Foundation – 2012

Just got back from the Weston A. Price Conference, Wise Traditions 2012, and I didn’t take a single picture.  Geez!  Thankfully, my friend Mallory took the one above, so I can at least prove I was there.  If you squint, that’s Sandor Katz, Author of The Art of Fermentation, selecting cheese from the buffet of the Thursday night event in the background.

This year was the fourth time, and I still like it so much.  Here’s a list of favorites that might inspire you, too…

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