Homemade Christmas: Cinnamon Coffee

I am going to have to ask my Mother-in-Law not to read this blog because there is a “spoiler alert” for her Christmas present. I often make cookies for Christmas, but this year, I made jars of homemade cinnamon coffee. Here’s how:

The co-op in Santa Monica sells bulk spices and herbs, along with a variety of glass jars. I found these quart-sized containers with a wide mouth, perfect for scooping coffee. I’m sure similar jars could be found at Michael’s, Target, etc. I filled it with the simple coffee mix (recipe below), topped the jar with a square of newspaper held in place by a rubber band. When picking the newspaper clipping, I tried to find a piece with “The Los Angeles Times” label, just for novelties sake. I then printed a label on my computer, cut it out and pasted it using spray mount (found at Michael’s) onto a piece of card stock. Whole punch the card stock and run a piece of string or paper raffia through it. Loop the string through the rubber band and tie a knot thus attaching it to the jar. Tie a colorful ribbon (I like the ones with wire in them to create a better bow) around the jar lid to hide the rubber band, and viola!

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