The color of crack.

Last year, I went to our neighborhood Halloween party as a Martian. Neon green body pain and all. I’m fully certain the body paint was the polar opposite of organic. My post-party shower lasted a solid hour before crawling into bed exhausted with raw speckled green skin. This year, I’m going to be a tree. The thought came to me late one night. Settled in bed, my eyes flew open and I proceeded to be as annoying as possible with, “John (shake, shake, shake), John (tap, tap, tap)…  I think I’m going to be a tree.” He’s not certain a girl of 31 should be dressing up in the first place, but he liked the idea.

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Alkalizing Las Vegas

Two weekends ago, John and I went to Las Vegas for a screening of Rock Prophecies at the Mirage, and this past weekend, we camped at Catalina Island, attempting to cleanse Las Vegas from our frightened souls…

Have you ever spent much time in Vegas? I hadn’t. Only 2 day trips in the past, in and out, for specific reasons. This time, we crossed the throngs of foggy people to the check-in desk on Thursday afternoon and didn’t haul tail out of there till Sunday morning. A short drive out of Vegas lies many of nature’s wonders, but while heading out for a walk Friday morning, I asked the concierge which direction I could walk to experience a bit of nature. His reply, after searching for it on the ceiling, was no. Just no. Here’s me below… staring out the smokey window of our suite… plotting my exit strategy. Fruitlessly. Check out the slouched shoulders… hahah… poor girl.

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