Why, yes it is…

John’s in South Africa, so you’re stuck with my pictures, I’m afraid.

But, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  We grew that radish!  Truth be told, I was blind-sided by them.  There I was, weeding and trudging along – thinking any sort of harvest was many months away and BAM!  Those little pink radish heads sure are pretty sticking out of the dark brown dirt.

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The best kind of gift.

A few weeks back, a team of guys came and picked the lemons from our orchard.  This harvest will happen about two to three times a year for lemons, which produce pretty much year round.  Our foreman Raul highly recommended the contractor who picked lemons for the previous owner of the farm, so I called up Simon and ended up feeling very satisfied with the results.  Not to mention that the very last day of picking, I answered a knock at the door from Simon, who was grinning and holding an entire flat of the most delicious strawberries you’ve ever tasted.  Too many for my small family to eat, we took some up to Raul, but he said no.  Simon had brought him a flat, too.  Smart man because I now think of strawberries when I think of Simon, and that’s one happy association.

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They’re coming!

Is there anything more exciting than the picture above?  OK – probably child birth.  And alright – animal birth, but plant birth is pretty cool in its own right.  And, our garden is currently having a whole heck of a lot of babies.

I’ve been the laughing stock of my marriage lately.  You see, those are John’s boots above.  And, what you can’t see are the heavy duty cargo pants just north of those shoes.  Me?  I prefer these…

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Charlie Sheen has totally killed that word, or possibly he just brought it to light.  Maybe it was always a bit obnoxious?  It’s 5am, and I couldn’t sleep.  So rather than toss & turn after every “to do” possible crossed my mind, I flipped on the light, waddled out to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.  Cause I’ve got news for you, and I might as well use this sleepless time to share.

Thanks to you.  Each and every single one of you.  We won the Mango Mentor Competition!  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t.  Honestly, I was so very excited.  I definitely squealed.  John’s left for South Africa, but he AHHHHH’d via email, and Mom and Dad high-fived me several times.  It was great fun.  First off, I actually won an iPad 2, which I’ve been wanting something fierce, but just didn’t have it in me to purchase given my various other electronic paraphernalia.  I’m gonna use it like crazy.  And secondly, I’ll get to blog on mango.org, and who doesn’t like to talk a bit of mango? So thank you.

I’ll see you again on Sunday…


Hi Organic Spark Friends,

On a TOTAL WHIM, I participated in a video contest called “How to Cut a Mango” with the National Mango Board at the recent BlogHer 2011 Conference in Atlanta, GA, and funny enough, I made it to the Final 10. Ha!

I feel like I have finally redeemed myself from my 9th grade run for Student Council, where I used the tagline (my maiden name is Schrecengost) – “What the heck! Vote for Molly Schrec!”  I didn’t win.  And since Chester doesn’t rhyme with heck, you’re spared a similar campaign.

So, I’ll just say… I’d love it if you’d consider taking the time to vote! Here’s the link to see the video and vote: http://www.facebook.com/letsmango?sk=app_208195102528120

Thanks friends!