Sunny days.

We’re on the back side of summer at the farm.  The days are still long, but they are growing shorter with each breathe.  Yesterday, I felt the first tiny glimpse of fall.  I know summer will still be here in all-encompassing stretches, but her underbelly is there, ready to bring us light sweaters and glowing pumpkins.


The pond, located in the center of the farm, is quite magical at the moment.  Last June 2012, we began a pond restoration project.  It was drained, relined with a natural clay and landscaped with native Southern California plants like sages, yarrows and wild sunflowers.  The pond was completed early this spring, but it took a few months for the landscaping to settle and thrive.  It eventually did, and the pond has become one of my favorite places to be.  My surfer husband has paddle boards, and I like to take one out in the pond, lie on my back and think (or not!)  Either way, I restore, just like we did to the pond.  It feels like nature’s thank you.


And like the warmth of summer, the sunflowers are dominant at the moment.  I’m certain the fall will look much different around here.  The sunflowers will pass, bringing what?  Another present, I’m sure.



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  • Stephanie

    This is lovely. A fresh breath for my summer-worn soul.

    August 8, 2013

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