Two little lambs…

Minutes before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, John got a call from Sarah that a lamb was birthing.  Out the door without a thought, we all made it in time to realize that we actually didn’t…  The baby was stuck and had died from a complicated birth. The blessing became that our arrival & help resulted in the mother’s life saved.  Around the table, we gave thanks for companionship to ease the void of loss.  The fragility of life surrounds and penetrates when living on a farm.

Three-thirty four in the middle of a night spent sleeping by the light of a full moon, we received another call about a mama in labor.  Things were different this time, and they were different again 7 hours later when another mama gave birth.  The energies of the moon were pulling strong, as was John in order to get these lambs out of the clutches of first time mamas.  We have two new blessings on the farm.  Two females – both nursing strong.  I wanted to share these pictures with you.  They are so cute it hurts!

And one last video… stay patient.  She hops out from under mama eventually.

xo – Organic Spark

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