Easy peezy.

You know what makes life easier?  A good recipe.  With a good recipe, the rhythm of a kitchen can happily hum.

I’ve never really had a recipe for lemonade.  Seemed too easy to warrant all that effort.  A bit of sweetener, bit of lemon, water and taste until it works.  But having moved onto a lemon & avocado farm, I’ve been making a whole lot of lemonade.  And winging it, though an important part of the creative process, eventually needed to end. It’s a bit messy.

Now, I’m aware of the importance winging it plays in the process.  Thanks to a last minute brainstorm, I discovered a technique that allowed me to use raw honey as the sweetener.  Honey won’t usually emulsify into lemon without heat, but heat would kill the raw honey’s beneficial enzymes.  So first, I stuck the lemon juice and honey in a blender.  I added water to taste, and it worked!

Finally, after about 15 rounds of sticky counters, I mastered the ratios and now have my go-to lemonade recipe, which I happily share with you.

Click HERE for the Raw Honey Lemonade Recipe


  • I love honey as a sweetener. I think I’m partial to it because I have bees, but I think it tastes better than sugar too.

    July 10, 2011
  • Anna

    We have been loving fresh lemonade and limeade this summer, though I sweeten with a little stevia. Now that you have your ratios down, you can start having fun with flavors! Mix it up by adding some frozen strawberries (my favorite so far), but raspberry is a close second (I add at the end, and just pulse briefly so there are still bigger pieces of fruit left unblended). I’ve also seen rhubarb and cucumber added!

    July 10, 2011
    • Molly Chester

      Anna – I like it with stevia too. I’d love to use the green stevia, but it doesn’t dissolve very well, and the color would pose a problem in this case. Maybe the blender would help the green stevia dissolve? I’ll have to try it with a blackberry lemonade one day to mask the green color… I’d love to hear what you do. What brand of stevia do you like?

      July 24, 2011
  • Very smart to whiz this up in the blender & it certainly does make a whole lot of sense :)

    July 11, 2011
  • I love the idea of making lemonade with raw honey. I wonder if this would work for simple syrup???

    July 11, 2011
    • Molly Chester

      Possibly so! I’d be interested to see if it separated back out without being heated. But, the blender could emulsify it enough…

      July 24, 2011

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