Halloween hangover.

From browsing for costume supplies at the local craft store to making homemade candy apples, I think Halloween is one awesome holiday. This year, I dressed as an egg. Not just any egg, I was a pastured egg, complete with the bright yellow/orange yolk that only chickens who run around the fields eating bugs & worms can achieve. And Todd? Although it may appear to be a raincoat, Todd is a banana. Food themes this year. Surprise, surprise…

As I’m sure you noticed, Halloween fell on a Sunday. No one wants a raging party on a school night, so we opted for chili, spiced mulled cider (recipe next week!) and caramel apples. Friends popped by as they pleased, until we had to begin carting in the outdoor furniture for supplemental seating. I love a bit of wholesome chaos.

New friends came, too! Carrie Vitt, author of the blog Deliciously Organic, and I have become good pals after meeting in cyberspace about a year ago. We have just about EVERYTHING in common, and we could probably talk about food, books, recipes and blogs for 3 days straight… pausing only to eat delicious food and maybe nap. Carrie came by with her super cool husband and two adorable kids, just in time to help me finish making a double batch of her amazing Caramel Apples recipe. A word of wisdom, unless you’ve got seasoned back-up like Carrie, stick to a single batch. In her blog post, Carrie does warn to move quickly because the caramel will start to set, but that obviously didn’t curb my enthusiasm since I was attempting a double. However, doubling throws unnecessary complications into a fool-proof recipe. We were able to beautifully cover 20 apples with ease, but we did move quickly and simultaneously. Look how pretty! They inspire me!

I had never made caramel before, and I will totally be making it again. It even sparked my rustic cooking spirit to purchase a real candy thermometer. I felt like a pro. And with a leftover caramel lined pot, I was quickly BFF to everyone. I wish someone would have told me this in high-school.

Here’s Carrie below in all her cuteness!

BTW, Carrie has a book coming out end of November, same name as her blog – Deliciously Organic. I can promise you… it’s going to be great. How to I know? You see, I have tried several recipes from Carrie’s blog to crowd-pleasing success. And, a little insider’s blogging secret is that recipes go through even more thorough testing for a book. So, if you try a few recipes on someone’s blog and you like them, buy their book. It will be even better. Check out the face below… I think I was approaching with the tray of caramel apples.

After dessert-first, followed by chili & salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, we strolled the neighborhood looking for houses with lit porch-lights. Currently kid-less, I haven’t actually been trick or treating in years. It’s so fun! The passing costumes are great entertainment. We actually saw a walking 1-year old dressed as a gnome, hysterical show stopper. Santa Monica goes all out, some of the houses actually accumulate lines. We avoided those streets, but it was still fun to see Los Angeles in action.

While we enjoyed our festivities on one side of the country, the rest of my immediate family gathered at my parent’s house for my favorite Dad’s birthday. Though I would have loved to be tucked in with them, it warmed my heart knowing that Sophie, my little niece, was spending time with Ya-Ya & Pop-Pop. Here’s the birthday boy with the apple of his eye…

Back next week with the Spiced Mulled Cider we enjoyed with our Caramel Apples! In perfect timing for your Thanksgiving gatherings…

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  • sally

    I love that you were a pastured egg for Halloween! How creative! The caramel apples look great too.

    November 7, 2010
  • Maria

    How fun you got together with Carrie. Love her! The apples look so tasty!

    November 8, 2010
  • Deliciously Organic

    What a sweet post! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think we could talk for days and days. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know you! Btw, I'm addicted to your vinaigrette now! :)

    November 8, 2010
  • marla {family fresh cooking}

    Awesome to see you and Carrie hanging out together. She is one very special gal & a very close friend. Looks like a wonderful Halloween & I love the pastured egg & banana costumes :)

    November 8, 2010

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