Two different forks.

You know movies like The Princess Dairies or Cinderella, where a young girl gets plucked from her modest upbringing and into the life of a princess?

On April 12, Apricot Lane Farms turned 1.  And about 9 months ago, I can vividly remember laying in my bed, baffled and trying to digest the fact that I felt like the girl from those movies.  Now, I’m not a princess, that’s for sure.  Kate Middleton’s locked the rights to that storyline.  Most of the time, I could use a good bath.  But, ever since John and I have been graced with the opportunity to shepherd this land called Apricot Lane Farms, I feel like my wildest dreams are coming true.  Yes, my dreams involve a lot of hard work, long days, difficult decisions, dirty jeans, manure and copious amounts of bugs, but those things are my own version of a fairytale.  And I say that with a big ‘ole batch of humility.  Thank you God, I’m grateful.  And in return, I pray for grace as we learn to do this right. And clarity, to turn this dream into the reality of its potential… so that we may share this dream of ours with the world.

Keeping in line with the fairytale theme… In an effort to introduce this farm and its ideals with our nearby Los Angeles market and to celebrate our very first year, we invited Chef Suzanne Goin of Los Angeles, the mind behind the amazing Tavern, Lucques, The A.O.C. and The Hungry Cat, to cook at Apricot Lane, while our investor & family were visiting.  We started things off with a tour of the farm, where we got to geek out about local, sustainable foods – nothing better. Years ago, I saw Suzanne on a show called Chef’s a Field, and the clean energy with which she cooked her dish stuck with me.  Added bonus was that she’s a delight.  Super easy to be around.  Her laser-sharped focus is evident (and inspiring), while nicely rounded by an authentic spirit and interested mind.  If I lived next door to Suzanne, I would enjoy seeing her in passing.  We’d both probably be too busy to hang out much, but I’d enjoy my minutes spent in her company.  She’s the type of person that I get.

After the tour, Suzanne and Co. got to work, and I got used to the idea of not being the person cooking in my kitchen.  For about 15 minutes, it felt weird.  John, Todd and I went out front and lounged in the grass.  At about that time, I was over it with flying colors.  I wouldn’t say I’d like to get used to it.  I actually love to cook, but I will say, I could get used to eating Suzanne’s food.  There wasn’t one bite off, all night long.

Our life is now a lovely combination of our former life and our life on the farm.  For example, we sat outside on this amazing piece of property, eating incredible food and using silverware that didn’t match.  I love that.

Here was the evening’s menu:

passed appetizers
roasted asparagus with prosciutto, burrata and pistachios
marinated young broccoli and burrata on crispy parmesan polenta
pancetta-wrapped scallops with truffle butter
lamb meatballs with roasted tomato and feta
grilled duck sausage with candied kumquats

apricot lane avocado & citrus salad with beets and blood orange salsa

slow roasted niman ranch beef with pecorino pudding, apricot lane kale, tomato confit and fava bean pesto

three cheeses with seed crackers

Thank you Suzanne, for a magical evening.  And here’s to another great year at Apricot Lane Farms.  We’re working hard to grow you all really great food.  Getting up every day determined to make good on this amazing opportunity.  Keep up with our day-to-day on our Apricot Lane Farm’s Facebook Page.  Let us know what interests you about food and farming.  We’d love to hear.

xo – Organic Spark


  • Karen

    Wow, I am so proud of your accomplishments in the first year! I love to check out your site and browse your photos and videos. You guys amaze me! Thank you for sharing your farming experiences. And, if you ever open the farm to public tours, we’re in, but I want to get my hands dirty :o)! Blessings to you on many wonderful years down on the farm.

    May 8, 2012
  • What a scrumptious menu chalk full of fresh and local products! Perfect for the farm. Congrats on your endeavor thus far and I’ll keep checking in for more Apricot Lane news!

    May 14, 2012
  • Mom

    Boy, this was a post that made me step back, give thanks and enjoy the “mama’s pride” that washed over me. Your dream is so big, so generous to others and to this earth. Thanks for chasing that dream Molls.

    May 16, 2012

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