Tripping into victory.

In the picture above, see how the avocados still have a bit of the stem on them?  If avocados are picked with a little bit of stem, they rippen evenly all the way through.  No more dark ring around where the stem was, just an even shade of green.  Cool!

Living on a farm with acres of Avocados, it was about time to make something other than guacamole & avocado toast.  Inspired by one of our WWOOFers, John decided to experiment with an Avocado Smoothie.

He totally nailed it.  Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Ice, Dates – it was delicious.  So delicious, in fact, that we each ate 2 glassfuls and then proceeded to clutch our stomaches and groan for the next four hours in a state of overstuffed anguish.  We learned from experience that Avocados are to be enjoyed in moderation.

But that smoothie was too delicious to be banished forever.  After some mulling, I took out the ice, thickened it with a little more coconut milk and turned it from a smoothie to a pudding.  Puddings mean dessert, and dessert (should) mean moderation.  Whereas I overindulged with about 3 cups of the smoothie, I only seem to need about 3/4 cup of the pudding to be completely satisfied.

Avocado season is coming to a close, and I’m telling you, this pudding is worth fitting in before it does.  Rich, creamy and naturally sweet, it takes under 5 minutes to make.  And, it’s GREEN, which could make for an adorable Halloween dessert.

Click HERE for the Avocado Pudding recipe…

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