Subtle seasons.

Subtle Seasons

Every late May, the Agapanthus arrive. Like soft, little firecrackers, their purple petals light up the farm, doing their part to create beauty and happiness. And every year late May, my Dad somehow remembers to ask me if the Agapanthus are  blooming. He knows and loves the farm so much that he remembers these small details. However when you spend any extended time here, you realize that this detail isn’t really all that small. The bloom schedule of trees and plants from Avocados to Jacarandas to Agapanthus mark the seasons in a climate such as Southern California. And each year, I come to understand the farm’s seasons more deeply, as I pick up on more and more of these quiet patterns. I’ve found that recognizing these subtleties creates connection, which fosters care and consideration for the land.

The garden is absolutely exploding right now. It is so delicious that I spend every weekend simply doing laundry and cooking from the garden, which brings me absolute happiness! Because my weeks are spent farming more than cooking these days, I just love fiddling around in the kitchen on a lazy Saturday.

The garden almost always has one kind of kale or another, and I find myself making Balsamic Kale with Caramelized Onions quite often because it is delicious and really well liked. A no-nonsense, easy side, this dish can be prepared almost fully and then held until right before dinner, when the kale can be added to finish it off.

Balsamic Kale and Carmelized Onions

Try Balsamic Kale with Caramelized Onions on your next lazy Saturday.


  • Cristine

    I have some kale and was wondering what to do with it, tired of my old ways of preparation. Just bumped into this recipe. I will sure try it! Thanks!

    June 9, 2014
  • I love love love this. I am even going to use this recipe in my sample menu for the detox program I am writing for school. You will get full credit, of course. :)

    June 9, 2014
  • Karen

    I would love to see more pictures of the farm in bloom. I remember the aerial you did a while back, I’m sure things have changed a lot since then.

    Also, I loved the short John did on Chris. What an amazing young man. It is even the leading story on a blog I frequent. Well done!

    And, I love this kale recipe, I have tons in the garden right now so I will certainly be cooking up this recipe :o)

    June 9, 2014
  • Dad

    Keep those agapanthus blooming until August!

    June 10, 2014
  • Faith

    I have to visit your beautiful farm someday to experience the beautiful, simple joys that you, John & your employees experience everyday! Who needs a trip to an exotic island when you can visit the beauty of Apricot Lane Farms, not to mention meeting the wonderful Chef Molly :)

    June 10, 2014

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