A simple diet of love.

Home feels so good. I’m going to electronically hop back to England next week (the actual 10 hour flight from LAX to Heathrow in no way resembles a mere “hop”) to tell you about the Fish Course that I took at River Cottage, because I learned too much not to share. But first, I thought it was time for a break and a salad, because I didn’t eat a whole lot of salads while on vacation, unless of course they were covered in chocolate.

This salad dressing started taking shape soon after I began private cheffing. When I scored my first full-time job, my skills were so shaky, poor client. I remember my sister-in-law, Megan, telling me, “Molly, just love them. What you can’t offer them in skill, you will offer them in love.” I ran with that advice, held onto it like it was the last advice on earth. Besides being solid wisdom, it’s all I had. I vividly remember standing in the kitchen of my very first full-time client, who adding insult to injury was also high-profile, staring down at a measly boneless, skinless chicken breast and thinking, “If I can just learn chicken, then I’ll move on to beef, but for now, chicken.

Oh, I had gone to culinary school, sure… but, you only get a taste in culinary school. I certainly didn’t walk out an expert. And because I didn’t have a plethora of recipes on which to fall back, I was forced to improvise. My lack of skill forced me to rest on whatever creativity I could muster. One of the recipes that sprung from that improvisation is below. Now trust me, I cleaned it up for you. My initial version had a boat-load more parsley for sticking in one’s teeth and also lacked the raw honey which nicely rounds out the flavor. But, it wasn’t so bad.

I made it through that first job, relatively unscathed. Maybe a few dry pieces of fish and one horrible rhubarb soup, but I made it. I definitely burned the candle at both ends, worked hard and cried more than once. But just like Megan said, my client seemed to thrive on a simple diet of love. And in the end, I finally learned how to cook one mean piece of grilled chicken.

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