Farmy is my everyday attire.

I adore this photo… John took it. And to me, it’s perfect. The food looks delicious, and I love the plaid in the background because it makes it feel farmy. What is farmy, you ask? About a year ago, while shopping at Anthropologie, I side-glanced the 3-way mirror and with that, decided on my style, which is, “clothes that support my desire to be on a farm at any moment.” I still reserve “classic” for my dressy occasions, but “farmy” is my everyday attire, hands down. Breezy tees, comfortable jeans and the obvious, button down flannel, fitted a bit girly because farmy doesn’t necessarily mean manly. Farmy can even be sexy. What guy doesn’t like a girl in a hot pair of cowboy boots?

I’m even working very hard to authenticate this whole farmy style. I mentioned last week that John and I want to actually live on a farm. We want pigs and chickens and vegetable patches and orchards in our future. We’re looking, and we’ve stumbled upon an opportunity that just might enable it to happen. We’re not close, but we’re closer than we were a month ago, and closer today than yesterday. When I tuck myself in at night, call Todd to warm my feet and open a good book, I happily sigh and take a moment to process just how right a farm feels. Then I read three pages and fall asleep with book in hand, losing my place… yet again.I’m reading the first book in the Mitford Series. Mom’s always raved about it, and I figured it time. I’m 50 pages in, and I like it. Mom told me that the author tries to write from the perspective of bringing her readers “home,” and I can feel her intent. Plus, she talks about food non-stop. My kinda girl… 

This week’s recipe graced our table this past Christmas dinner. The key is lots of butter, and heaven knows, I’m unafraid of a confident hunk of grass-fed butter. Plus, the roasted garlic is so deeply flavorful. No longer the less appealing substitute for starchy potatoes, mashed cauliflower, I do believe, has finally found her style.

Click HERE for the Roasted Garlic Mashed Cauliflower recipe…

xo – Organic Spark


  • Chandelle

    I've wanted to live on a farm since time immemorial, but we've always been too broke to even remotely consider it. We did finally move to a rural area, so we'll have lots of choices when the time comes, and I've made arrangements to borrow land for growing, if I can't own some… but I'm still holding on to that dream of building a tiny house, growing a ton of food, and raising some animals. Right now we're trying to improve our finances, so I'm going back to school, and once I'm done we can probably make something happen. But it burns every time someone makes it there before me! :) Seriously, I'm thrilled to see so many people turning their minds toward farming life, and even if my closest approximation is a small garden and eight chickens, at least I'm living in a wonderful farming community and seeing the magic happen every day. (Obviously I have some strong feelings about this!)

    P.S. Love the new header. :)

    January 9, 2011
  • Molly Chester

    Hi Chandelle, I hear you! As a cook, whenever I hear of someone else doing one of the things on my list, I get that little pang. But, we both know that there is more than enough for all of us. It's just hard to hear, sometimes, and I really appreciate your honesty about it. I know that we will both have our farms one day! Thank you for the warm remark about the header, and thanks for stopping by! Warmly – Molly

    January 9, 2011
  • Sandra

    If I were wealthy, I'd go right out and buy chandelle a farm. I love her passion and your mashed cauliflower. I can say that authentically in that I ate it for Christmas dinner with you and the rest of our family.

    Hang in there Chandelle. Choose joy and the rest will come.

    January 10, 2011
  • Kristen

    I hope you get your dream someday. What's keeping you from it right now? And farmy sounds down right perfect!

    You should read the book Tending Roses. It's a good "farmy" book. One of my faves!

    January 11, 2011
  • Molly

    Thanks Mom! Love you. xo

    Thank you Kristen! Well, nothing is really keeping me, and I hope it stays that way! We are working on it, so it really is more a matter of time and the chips continuing to fall in a spot that leads us there. We'll see! I've been praying for it! Thanks for the recommendation on the book. I am definitely going to try it. Warmly – Molly

    January 11, 2011
  • Maria

    Great side dish!

    January 11, 2011
  • marla

    Wow, that is a lot of butter & it sounds fantastic. I prefer a good cauliflower mash over potatoes any day!!

    January 11, 2011
  • Amanda

    Beautiful picture… fantastic recipe! Well done!

    January 12, 2011
  • Sophie

    What a lovely recipe – I like the idea of the roasted flavours with the freshness of the chives.

    I hope your farm wish comes true. We have chickens and keeping animals is addictive – we started with 3 but have quickly worked up to 5

    January 16, 2011
  • Molly Chester

    Thanks Sophie! That was so nice of you to say. I hope it comes true, too! And chickens… I'd like to be at your house for b-fast! :)

    January 16, 2011
  • Bridgit

    Wow – i tried making this on Saturday and it was fantastic! My husband was drooling over it and demanded that we double or triple the recipe next time. Thanks for a great permanent addition to our dinner lineup.

    January 18, 2011
  • Molly

    Bridgit – Such a nice message! Thanks for passing along your feedback! I hope you have many more nice family meals with it in the future. Warmly – Molly

    January 20, 2011

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