Not just any cat.

Leonardo DiCATrio

Joe, our landscaper, stopped me while I was heading up the blackberry path for lunch, and offered us a cat.  We needed a new rat catcher for the barn, so I encouraged him to run it by my husband.

The new kitty arrived a couple days later, and a few days after that, everyone unanimously agreed – Leonardo DiCATrio is paws  down the best cat in the world.  Too hyper to be indoors, he fits in perfectly at the barn, where his excess energy can be spent  leaping from one thing to another for absolutely no rhyme or reason.

Leo, for short, will lay like a baby in the arms of just about anyone, and his beautiful blue eyes cross as they gaze lovingly into your eyes.  Like a dog, he comes when called.  And, I swear that his purrs can heal all stresses.

Leonardo DiCATrio

Here he is with Mallory and our other barn mascot – PoodleRoo.  Poor PoodleRoo gets beat up by every other rooster on the  farm, so he permanently lives in the barn.  Leo loves him, and they both enjoy a regular cuddle.

I love Leo DiCATrio, almost as much as I love this recipe for Johnny Appleseed Bread that I thought you might like, too. I made it up because I limit grains in my diet, and I tire of Almond Flour and Coconut Flour, typical base flours for grain-free breads.  The flavor of the fennel, pumpkin seeds, dates and apples is so right on!

Johnny Appleseed Bread

Try Johnny Appleseed Bread with a bit of butter for a balanced, quick breakfast.


  • Faith

    Purr-fect name for a purr-fect cat :)

    Leo has piercing, beautiful blue eyes! All of the lady cats must love him! He probably mesmerizes them with his eyes :)

    Cannot wait to make the bread!

    April 28, 2014
  • Erika

    Hi! I came over for a “visit” after your guest post at Deliciously Organic :)
    Leo is beautiful!!!! What a sweet kitty – glad he found such a happy home!

    June 26, 2014
  • Such a beautiful kitty. Look at those gorgeous eyes!

    June 27, 2014

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