Marietta Square Farmer’s Market

While in Atlanta, Mom introduced me her Marietta Square farmer’s market. She thought I’d be unimpressed in comparison to the hard-core California markets. No way. Every market is a great day out for me. Each one takes on the flavor of its region with distinct food and people. A few accents were so thick they left a layer of southern on my ears. Plus, Marietta Square is lovely and circled by cluttered antique shops containing many magical kitchen items.

Mom arrived market ready with her un-plastic bags attached to her hip-pack. An outfit only a hard core marketeer could pull off. Mom bee-lined for the corn where an endearing farmer wearing a John Deere hat proudly relayed to mom that he also owns John Deere plates, cups and sheets. Next, Mom scored some heirloom tomatoes and black mission figs. I bought a bag of plump blueberries, and we both picked up some shea butter for our hands that get chapped from too many sinks of dishes. Last stop was an heirloom watermelon (huge!). The farmer remembered mom from last week, and mom remembered the watermelon enough to pick up another.

After marketing, mom and I found a cup of tea and settled on a bench in the square for a blueberry snack, probably with a side of dirt since we didn’t wash. We stumbled upon this great brand of tea that I want to share with you. A company called Tea Forte. The tea bags are shaped like a pyramid and literally stand in the bottom of your cup – cool huh? White Ginger Pear for me and Jasmine Green for mom, plus I just found Apple Pomegranate, Citrus Mint and Coco Truffle on their website, holy cow. The website is a visual treat:

Post tea, we hit the antique shops and… jackpot! Owner of store #1, Susie Fulmer of The Keeping Room, conceptualized and started the Marietta Farmer’s Market with her husband, Johnny Fulmer! Her story started with a stop at the Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York City while visiting her son. She literally said, “Johnny, we can do this.” And came back to Marietta and did it. I love this. Plus, the market has grown so big that they were approved to move onto a high-traffic street surrounding the square on Saturday mornings. The market has continued to draw more crowds, and the farmer’s have learned that there is money to be made from their local community. Win-win and triple win for the environment, the food’s commute was slashed… no more cucumber road rage.

Here’s Susie Fulmer. What a great smile, right? Thanks Susie, your hard work made my day.

xo – Organic Spark


  • madness rivera

    Cucumber Road Rage! hahaha. Aren’t they too cool for that? (That was bad, sorry.)

    Ah Molly, I love every bit of the market/farm stories. Thanks for sharing. And your mom is great.

    September 15, 2008
  • yvette

    Wow, Molly! What a beautiful blog! I have met you a couple of times at the Farmer’s Market with Celeste! Thanks for this! I’ll check in all the time!!


    September 25, 2008

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