All about an egg.

It’s Easter!  And a happy one to you.

We’re still temporarily based in Chicago, across the street from my brother Matt, sister-in-law Megan, plus let’s not forget little Sophie, who has everyone she meets, including me, wrapped around her little finger.  Today she came down the stairs in her mommy’s arms, hair still a little damp from a burner of an afternoon nap, and looked right towards my husband before saying, clear as day – “John!

We’re toast.

So in honor of Easter and its representative eggs, I’ve got a delicious dressing for you that utilizes an egg to provide a luscious thickness; I might even go so far as labeling this dressing as having a rustic decadence.  Mom‘s the mastermind behind this dressing.  It’s her creation,  and when she first told me about a hot dressing with bacon, I think I said quite simply, “uh… yes!

I can’t decide if a salad is the best way to utilize this dressing.  It’s definitely good over salad, but I could see this dressing simply drizzled over raw heirloom tomatoes or even poured down over a grilled pork chop.  Dare I say scallops?  Yes, yes… I think it would be pair nicely with the creamy center of a properly seared scallop.  Oh my.  I also wonder how  this recipe would react if the water was replaced with homemade chicken stock.  I like the ease of water, and the flavor isn’t missing anything; however, I think stock could enhance the final product for certain applications. For example, over those pork chops… ummm… yes.  Definitely over the porkchops.  I’ll try it and tweet about it, one day.  For now, find yourself some pastured bacon and give this a whirl.  Mom didn’t do us wrong.

Click HERE for the Hot Bacon Dressing recipe…


  • So excited for you and your new ventures… and what a fun recipe! Gotta try this!

    April 25, 2011
  • I think this dressing would be wonderful with just about anything – including just a spoon!!!

    April 25, 2011

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